Toyota Loves Wildlife and Isn’t Afraid to Show It

November 19th, 2015 by

Would your company go out of its way to protect a native species? The red-tailed hawk is not an endangered species.

In fact, if you’ve seen a buzzard circling overhead in an updraft, chances are it was one of these hawks.

Toyota Arizona Proving Grounds (TAPG) was under no obligation to do anything when a pair of red-tails took up roost on one of their utility poles. The unsafe nesting site ultimately left a chick orphaned, and it would have died without intervention.

What is a major automotive corporation to do?

Save the bird, of course!


Toyota’s biodiversity initiatives are a matter of compassion, and corporate responsibility. While building a safer nest site for their hawks to relocate to may not have been a net positive for their bottom line, it was a net positive for the planet.

Apart from pet-projects like these, saving individual animals around their facilities, Toyota also works to help the ecosystem as a whole.

This includes planting pollinators gardens along monarch butterfly migration routes (they also help bees!), helping the Boy Scouts build bluebird boxes, sending employees to volunteer for National Public Lands Day, and mitigating the corporation’s impact on water, carbon, and energy on a global scale.

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