Prius, Step Aside: The Toyota Mirai Will Be Powered By 100% Renewable Resources

May 4th, 2015 by

Cows are great animals. There’s nothing as delicious as a juicy steak, or a cold glass of milk. But what about their poop? Other than fertilizing fields, it largely goes to waste.

That’s all about to change.

The hydrogen-powered 2016 Toyota Mirai uses bullsh*t for fuel.

The process of extracting hydrogen from cow poop is simple. Methane gas is naturally released by cow manure as it decomposes. By putting manure in a large, anaerobic digester, Toyota is able to capture the most methane gas.

Then, the gas goes to get refined. Using steam and heat, hydrogen atoms are stripped off of the methane gas, until that pure hydrogen can be used to fuel your hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle.

Even the Toyota Prius can’t beat the zero emission exhaust of the Toyota Mirai’s renewable hydrogen energy source.

The Prius does have one major advantage though: infrastructure. One day soon, every gas station might have a hydrogen pump, just like they have a diesel pump. Until then, we hope you’ll be happy with our highly fuel-efficient new inventory. Come down to Beechmont Toyota for a test drive today.

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