Every Ending is a New Beginning: Toyota Remembers Jeremy Clarkson

March 30th, 2015 by

Jeremy Clarkson has been hosting Top Gear since 1988. That’s quite a long time to be doing something, and still have such high ratings. In fact, one could say Top Gear is the Doctor Who of automobiles.

It’s been on the BBC since the dinosaurs roamed the earth, and still manages to rake in huge viewership around the world.

The difference is, Doctor Who has had 13 stars portray the lead character over its long tenure on the BBC. Top Gear was made popular, and stayed popular, thanks to Jeremy Clarkson. After 27 years, he’s leaving the show.

We all hope the show can survive this sudden upheaval of the status quo! In the meantime, Toyota UK has uploaded a video, wishing Jeremy farewell, and remember some of his best moments.


Every ending, while sad, is also an opportunity for a new beginning. We’re excited to see who might replace Clarkson on the show. Likewise, if you’re looking to replace your old car, we’ve got new vehicles to start your next big adventure with. Visit Beechmont Toyota for a test drive.

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