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How to Check Your Oil Level

oil change on a car

Motor oil is the most important fluid in your new Toyota or pre-owned car, truck, or SUV. Oil is the lifeblood of your car, keeping your engine’s internal moving parts lubricated and protected. Properly oiled engines keep your whole vehicle safe during your Cincinnati-area drives. Find out how to check engine oil with the service technicians at Beechmont Toyota below! 



How to Check Engine Oil in 4 Easy Steps

Some Chevrolet vehicles will come with electronic oil monitors instead of conventional dipsticks. If you’re not sure if you own one of these newer Chevy models, your best bet is to check your owner manual for specific details. If your vehicle does have a dipstick, checking oil dipsticks is a relatively easy process. Just follow the instructions outlined below: 

  1. Park and Turn Off Your Vehicle: Have the vehicle parked on level ground and turn off the engine. Make sure the engine is cold.
  2. Locate the Dipstick: Open the vehicle’s hood and find the dipstick.
  3. Clean the Dipstick: Pull the dipstick out of the engine and wipe any oil from the end of it.
  4. Begin Checking Oil Dipstick Levels: Re-insert the dipstick back into its tube, then pull it out and look at both sides to see where the level is.

What’s the Benefit of Checking Your Oil Level?

Knowing how to check the oil level in your car is an essential part of vehicle maintenance. You should be getting oil changes at least twice a year and checking your oil level once per month. Regular oil changes and inspections can prevent accidental leaks and optimize your oil consumption during long trips across OH. Overheated hoods or thick steam billowing out from your engine can be a sign of oil leakage or engine failure. In these cases, you’ll want to schedule an appointment at Beechmont Toyota for immediate service! 

Get Affordable Oil Changes at Beechmont Toyota Today!

It’s important to know how to check the oil level in your Chevrolet, however, you should leave more serious repairs and oil changes to the professionals. If you’re looking for a high-quality oil change at an affordable price, we encourage you to visit us at Beechmont Toyota for certified service today! Reach out to our team for more information about current pricing and our latest deals. 


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