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How to Check Car Oil

checking oil in car

You’ve had a great time at one of Cincinnati’s fun places to visit, but when you return to your car you notice an oil stain where you were parked. Your car has another 2,000 miles until its next oil change is due, but this isn’t something you want to let wait. Sometimes you’re going to need to check your oil levels between service appointments. It’s quick and easy, extends the life of your car, and saves you time, and money on costly repairs in Cincinnati. The Beechmont Toyota service department can show you how.

How to Check Oil Level in Car

Your car’s owner’s manual will tell you how often the manufacturer suggests changing your oil. Still, there are occasions when you might need to make sure you have enough oil. If your engine or oil lights come on and you’re not due for an oil change, you will definitely want to check your oil levels. Here’s how:

  • Make sure the vehicle is parked on level ground and the engine is turned off and cold.
  • Open the vehicle’s hood and find the dipstick. If needed, refer to your owner’s manual.
  • Pull the dipstick out of the engine and wipe any oil from the end of it.
  • Re-insert the dipstick all the way back into its tube, then pull it out and look at both sides to see where the level is.

If the top of your oil streak is between two marks or within a cross-hatched area, the oil level is good. If not, then more oil is needed. Be sure to buy the grade recommended in the owner’s manual. Remove the oil filler cap and add oil a little at a time until the dipstick indicates you’ve reached the proper level. If you notice oil splotches on your driveway accompanied by surprise low oil levels, contact our service department to check for oil leaks.

Get Your Oil Changed Fast at Beechmont Toyota

Getting your oil changed is quick and easy. Just visit Beechmont Toyota for Express Maintenance! It’s the same quality service you expect from Beechmont Toyota, performed pit crew-style to save you time and keep your car running from Loveland to Mason. For more oil tips or general service advice like how to clean floor mats, visit Beechmont Toyota for all of your service needs.


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