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How to Be Fuel-Efficient While Driving

2021 Toyota Prius

Toyota vehicles may be well-known for their efficient engineering, but what if you could get a little more out of every tank of fuel? Whether you drive a Toyota Corolla or a Toyota Tundra, learning how to be fuel-efficient while driving can save you a ton of money in annual gas costs around Cincinnati. Take a look at our top fuel-efficient driving habits to help you optimize your fuel economy through any setting.

Fuel-Efficient Driving Habits

Ever wonder how can you save fuel while driving on hills or cruising down the Cincinnati highways? Learning how to be fuel-efficient is just a matter of practice, so read through these tips and try to incorporate a few new habits on your next Loveland commute!

  • Accelerate Carefully: The harder you hit the gas pedal, the more fuel you use. Accelerate softly and smoothly to make the best use of your fuel.
  • Plan Ahead: Stop-and-go traffic can be a serious strain on your car, so try to avoid rush hour conditions and take shortcuts where you can.
  • Drive Slowly: Driving at higher speeds uses more fuel, so stay within the speed limit and don’t drive aggressively.
  • Coast to Stop: When you’re alone on the road, coasting to a stop is more fuel-efficient than hitting the brakes. You can also use this concept while on a hill. Reduce your speed uphill and utilize your momentum to coast downhill.
  • Reduce AC Use: The air conditioning system can drain your fuel by up to 20%, so consider using your AC system sparingly and use the recirculate function when possible.

Find Out More with Beechmont Toyota

Learning how to be fuel-efficient around Mason is just one piece of the puzzle. If your car has poor fuel economy figures, why not take a look at our selection of new and used Toyota models at Beechmont Toyota? Our team can help you find just the right sedan, hatchback, SUV, or truck that maximizes every drop of fuel in the tank. Contact us for more information about our selection in Cincinnati, or if you’re ready to buy, try our Express Purchase Process. You can complete your entire purchase online without making the trek to our dealership, and we’ll even deliver straight to your home or office! Contact us today or learn more about how much a hybrid car battery costs!


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