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Toyota Key Fob Replacement & Battery Replacement

Toyota Key Fob

Cincinnati drivers may have noticed that their Toyota key fob, one of the many useful accessories on their Toyota car, has been less responsive than usual. If you’ve been struggling to find your Toyota key fob or think it is low on batteries, Beechmont Toyota has a guide to key fob battery replacement below.

Toyota Key Fob Battery Replacement

Replacing your Toyota key fob battery requires a few steps, but isn’t too difficult. You’ll need to open your Toyota key fob to check your battery. Older key fobs can be opened with a thin object, while newer ones have their own key implanted that opens the case. Next, follow these steps

  • Find the Battery: Once your Toyota key fob is open, you’ll want to lift the circuit board and jot down the battery type. In most cases, your Toyota key fob battery will be a CR2032 battery, an easy and cheap part to find in many Cincinnati stores. Contact a parts center if you need help!
  • Replace and Test the Toyota Key Fob Battery: Once you replace the battery, make sure to test your Toyota key fob on your vehicle. Some Loveland drivers may have to readjust the battery inside the key fob.

If changing the battery doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to get a Toyota key fob replacement.

Toyota Key & Key Fob Replacement

What are the reasons to get a Toyota key fob replacement? While Toyota key fobs are sturdy, accidents can happen that damage your key fob.

  • Toyota Key Replacement: If your key isn’t working, a service center can help re-cut it.
  • Toyota Key Fob Replacement: In certain scenarios, you’ll need a Toyota key fob replacement. This process requires both re-cutting your keys and reprogramming your Toyota key fob to fit your vehicle, so it can run up to $350.

When replacing any accessory or part, always check out the parts specials around Mason to see if you can save money!

Learn More about Toyota Parts with Beechmont Toyota!

If you’re curious to know about Toyota parts and accessories, Beechmont Toyota has resources to help Cincinnati-area drivers. In addition to a new inventory full of vehicles with the latest Toyota technology, we offer useful service tips on our website such as how to update Toyota Entune. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

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