Hybrid vs. Electric: Which is Right for You?

2021 Toyota RAV4 Hybrids driving fast on busy street


Are you looking to trade in your gas-powered vehicle for a hybrid or electric vehicle? If so, you need to know their differences to figure out which model is right for you. At Beechmont Toyota, we compare hybrid cars vs. electric cars to alleviate some of the work among your vehicle searches. Therefore, Mason drivers will not only feel confident in the eco-friendly vehicle they choose; but will love it too. Contact us to set up an appointment.

Hybrid Cars vs. Electric Cars: the Basics

Before we dive into the benefits of hybrid vs. electric vehicles, let’s get to know how they operate. Here are the differences in power sources of a hybrid vs. electric car:

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are still gas-powered vehicles. However, unlike traditional gas-powered cars, they do not rely on it as their complete power source. Instead, hybrid cars have a gas engine AND a secondary motor. Together, the gas engine and electric motor work to keep you driving Loveland roads. The battery for the electric motor self-charges as you drive. Not to mention that a hybrid car is also good on gas, and you will see the difference in its fuel economy.

Electric Cars

Electric Vehicles (EVs) do not have a gas engine or rely on any gasoline at all. Instead, they rely on a battery and electric motor. Electric cars do not have engines. The battery is quite big under the hood of an eclectic car when comparing hybrid cars vs. electric cars, which is due to the amount of its significant role in keeping your car running. Electric vehicles need to be charged, whether it is at your home (120v) or at one of the many charging stations available.

Keep in mind that charging your electric car does take time and is not as quick as pumping gas. Your mileage will depend on how much you charge the battery, and the mileage range will differ depending on the electric vehicle you choose.

Benefits of Hybrid Vehicles

Many Cincinnati drivers show interest in making the switch from a gas-powered vehicle to a hybrid car. If you are still on the fence, here are some benefits of owning a hybrid vehicle:

  • The Battery Charges Itself
  • Serious Fuel Savings
  • Will Not Have To Change Current Driving Habits
  • You Can Stop And Fuel Up At Any Gas Station
  • Hybrids Are Often More Affordable Than EVs

You will not need to refrain from lengthy commutes or joy rides when owning a hybrid vehicle. You can still drive like a car that is gas-powered only. You will have options to use gas or to use the self-charging battery as your power source, ultimately helping you save on gas while saving the environment by leaving less of a carbon footprint.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Long-term savings await you by eliminating the need for gas stations. Here are the benefits of owning an electric vehicle:

  • Low or Zero Tailpipe Emissions
  • Decrease Carbon Footprint
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Quieter Ride With No Engine Noise
  • No Money Spent On Gas 
  • Fewer Maintenance Costs (No Oil Changes Or Engine Upkeep)
  • Potential EVs Incentives Based On Your Location 
  • Flexible Charging Options, Including Home And Public Options

If you are more of a homebody and stay local when you are out and about, then an electric vehicle is a better fit for you. With that said, it does not mean you cannot go on road trips or getaways. You will need to map out the closest charging station and dedicate time for it to charge. More and more charging stations are being built due to the popularity of EVs.

Compare Hybrid vs. Electric Cars at Beechmont Toyota

Now that you know what powers a hybrid vs. electric, and the benefits of hybrid cars vs. electric cars, which will you choose? We hope our comparison of the hybrid vs. electric car helped you in your decision. Our finance team can help you buy or lease your next vehicle. In the meantime, take a look at our Toyota hybrid vehicle inventory. Come visit us in Cincinnati; where we are always happy to see you!

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