How to Reset Your Maintenance Light on Your Toyota

How to reset maintenance light on Toyota

Toyota has an excellent reputation for reliability especially with its self-diagnostic systems to let owners know when it's time for proper maintenance. These systems aren't always perfect and are prone to the occasional problem. The most common reason the maintenance light is on is because the owner had maintenance done and someone forgot to reset it. This is common for people who change their own oil. So we're going to provide two different ways to reset your maintenance light. Depending on the model year of your Toyota, one of these is likely to work for you. If neither of these solutions work, we recommend visiting our service department.

Two Options For Resetting Your Toyota Maintenance Light

Toyota Maintenance Light ResetOption 1

To begin, locate the button that toggles the screens of the driver information display located in the center gauge cluster. Press the button then turn the key in the ignition to accessory, however, do not start the car. After you turn the key, continue to hold the button for at least five seconds. Once you've counted to five, release the button and the light should turn off.

Toyota Maintenance Light ResetOption 2

This option is typically used on older models. First toggle the screen to the odometer page. Turn the ignition key to lock, however, do not start the car. While the key is turned and you're holding the button, you will see the screen changed and begin to count down. Once it's at all zeros, release the button and turn the key back to off. This option should also turn off the maintenance light.


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