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The Toyota 4Runner is the perfect weekend vehicle

Here at Beechmont Toyota we sure hope you had a weekend that makes you smile when you think about it. Getting your hands a little dirty and having some fun is always a great way to add some extra excitement to your downtime. That's why we think the 2016 Toyota 4Runner is the perfect weekend getaway vehicle. Where will you go?


A little dirt is just what the weekend needs. Tell us where you want to go in your #4Runner. #LetsGoPlaces

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The Toyota 4Runner is…

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How Toyota is Supporting the American Red Cross

Have you ever heard the name, “Clara Barton?” She was a famous hero during the civil war, responsible for bringing supplies, medical goods and food to the men injured and dying on the battlefields. She was also the founder of the American Red Cross.

The organization, which started in 1881, was sorely needed. Since that time it has grown exponentially, providing care and disaster relief to individuals all over the United States and far beyond. The nonprofit is 95 percent comprised of volunteers, an impressive feat.


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Kick off the new year with some adventure and the Toyota Highlander

With each new year comes the beginning of more adventures that you'll always remember fondly. Why not make this year the best one yet? Just hop behind the wheel of the 2015 Toyota Highlander and you're already half way there.


2015 is almost over, but your adventures are just beginning. #LetsGoPlaces #Highlander

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The Toyota Highlander is one of our favorites here at Beechmont Toyota and we're quite certain you'll agree as soon as you come down for a te

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Toyota Loves Wildlife and Isn't Afraid to Show It

Would your company go out of its way to protect a native species? The red-tailed hawk is not an endangered species.

In fact, if you've seen a buzzard circling overhead in an updraft, chances are it was one of these hawks.

Toyota Arizona Proving Grounds (TAPG) was under no obligation to do anything when a pair of red-tails took up roost on one of their utility poles. The unsafe nesting site ultimately left a chick orphaned, and it would have died without intervention.

What is a major automotive corporation to do?

Save the bird, of course!

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Toyota Will Establish New A.I. Research Company

For today's Beechmont Toyota blog post, we've learned of a new initiative out of the Toyota Motor Corporation camp. In a press conference earlier today, it was revealed that the automaker will be making an initial $1 Billion investment in two new facilities, as part of the establishment of a new artificial intelligence research and development company known as Toyota Research Institute Inc. (TRI)...

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Toyota Gets Futuristic

Toyota has something special planned for #BackToTheFutureDay. What is #BackToTheFutureDay, you ask? Why, it's October 21, 2015 -- the day Marty McFly traveled thirty years forward from 1985 in Back to the Future II. We're more than a little geeked out here at Beechmont Toyota. We're hoping for a hover board. Do you think it'll happen? Check out the video in the link below to learn more!

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How Reliable is the Toyota Prius?

Hybrid vehicles offer the chance for major savings on gas for those who drive a lot. Especially when gas prices are high, the added fuel economy of a hybrid engine can make a massive difference to your monthly budget.

Are they reliable, though?

How many miles do you think a car could go without a breakdown? What about how long a hybrid could go without needing a new battery?

For some drivers, 435,000 is that number.

Actually, Bob Old has had his Toyota Prius for that long and still hasn't had a breakdown.

Toyota vehicles were built for…

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