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Toyota Loves Wildlife and Isn't Afraid to Show It

Would your company go out of its way to protect a native species? The red-tailed hawk is not an endangered species.

In fact, if you've seen a buzzard circling overhead in an updraft, chances are it was one of these hawks.

Toyota Arizona Proving Grounds (TAPG) was under no obligation to do anything when a pair of red-tails took up roost on one of their utility poles. The unsafe nesting site ultimately left a chick orphaned, and it would have died without intervention.

What is a major automotive corporation to do?

Save the bird, of course!

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Toyota Gets Futuristic

Toyota has something special planned for #BackToTheFutureDay. What is #BackToTheFutureDay, you ask? Why, it's October 21, 2015 -- the day Marty McFly traveled thirty years forward from 1985 in Back to the Future II. We're more than a little geeked out here at Beechmont Toyota. We're hoping for a hover board. Do you think it'll happen? Check out the video in the link below to learn more!

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How Reliable is the Toyota Prius?

Hybrid vehicles offer the chance for major savings on gas for those who drive a lot. Especially when gas prices are high, the added fuel economy of a hybrid engine can make a massive difference to your monthly budget.

Are they reliable, though?

How many miles do you think a car could go without a breakdown? What about how long a hybrid could go without needing a new battery?

For some drivers, 435,000 is that number.

Actually, Bob Old has had his Toyota Prius for that long and still hasn't had a breakdown.

Toyota vehicles were built for…

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Can the Ohio River Fuel Your Toyota?

Question: Can your car be fueled by water? Answer: Yes, if it's the new Toyota Mirai. The Toyota Mirai is arriving in U.S. markets later this year, and we couldn't be more excited here at Beechmont Toyota. With a name that means "future" in Japanese, the Toyota Mirai may mark the shift from gasoline, to hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen is a clever fuel source, because it can be found almost everywhere. Last time, we talked about how hydrogen can be obtained from cow manure. In the second part of the
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Have a Great Father's Day with Toyota

Whether you're still living at home or on the other side of the world from your family. Your parents deserve your love and respect for raising you to be the wonderful person you are today. Now that Father's Day is just a little over a week away - June 21st, in case you've forgotten - Toyota wants to remind you to do something special for him. From planning a vacation to getting him something…

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Let the Toyota 4Runner Take You to Adventure

The world is full of adventures and you'll want a ride that can capably take you to your next one with plenty of technology, safety and comfort. Enough room for all your friends and family members is ideal too, since adventures are only as much fun as the people you take with you. The new 2015 Toyota 4Runner offers you all of this and more, so press play to catch a quick glimpse of…

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Prius, Step Aside: The Toyota Mirai Will Be Powered By 100% Renewable Resources

Cows are great animals. There's nothing as delicious as a juicy steak, or a cold glass of milk. But what about their poop? Other than fertilizing fields, it largely goes to waste.

That's all about to change.

The hydrogen-powered 2016 Toyota Mirai uses bullsh*t for fuel.

The process of extracting hydrogen from cow poop is simple. Methane gas is naturally released by cow manure as it decomposes. By putting manure in a…

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The Toyota Sienna isn't your stereotypical minivan

You're attracted to minivan convenience but could do without the sacrifices and burdening stigma. You don't want to be labeled a soccer mom nor do you desire to exchange your high-end sedan for more space.  Fortunately the Toyota Sienna has the best probable outcome: No sacrifice and the desired cool factor. The "swagger wagon"  has rolled onto our lot at Beechmont  Toyota in over-the-top style. Getting behind the wheel has never been easier…

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Step up your off-road adventures with the 2015 Toyota 4Runner

If you've set the goal for yourself to outdo last summer's outdoor adventures, you better up the ante on your off-road vehicle. In fact, why don't you invest in a genuine all-terrain vehicle, built to withstand the rocky roads -- and lack thereof -- in Columbus, OH and beyond?

Instead of taking the roads more traveled simply because your current car can't stomach a more rugged landscape, consider adding the 2015 Toyota 4Runner…

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Every Ending is a New Beginning: Toyota Remembers Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson has been hosting Top Gear since 1988. That's quite a long time to be doing something, and still have such high ratings. In fact, one could say Top Gear is the Doctor Who of automobiles.

It's been on the BBC since the dinosaurs roamed the earth, and still manages to rake in huge viewership around the world.

The difference is, Doctor Who has had 13 stars portray the lead character over…

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