How Reliable is the Toyota Prius?

Hybrid vehicles offer the chance for major savings on gas for those who drive a lot. Especially when gas prices are high, the added fuel economy of a hybrid engine can make a massive difference to your monthly budget.

Are they reliable, though?

How many miles do you think a car could go without a breakdown? What about how long a hybrid could go without needing a new battery?

For some drivers, 435,000 is that number.

Actually, Bob Old has had his Toyota Prius for that long and still hasn't had a breakdown.

Toyota vehicles were built for reliability, and hybrid models are no exception. Though no one could guarantee you'll have Bob's luck-- 435,000 miles is on the high end-- with regular service and maintenance, there is no reason to expect your hybrid battery to fail.

So, if you're looking for savings on gas, or a way to reduce your environmental impact, a hybrid from Beechmont Toyota can be an investment that will last you miles and miles to come.

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