Step up your off-road adventures with the 2015 Toyota 4Runner

If you've set the goal for yourself to outdo last summer's outdoor adventures, you better up the ante on your off-road vehicle. In fact, why don't you invest in a genuine all-terrain vehicle, built to withstand the rocky roads -- and lack thereof -- in Columbus, OH and beyond?

Instead of taking the roads more traveled simply because your current car can't stomach a more rugged landscape, consider adding the 2015 Toyota 4Runner to your fleet. This body-on-frame SUV has always been engineered to tackle the tough terrain, and thanks to a potent V6 engine, it can do it pretty quickly, too.

And quickness is key when you've been bitten by a potentially venomous snake while you're out there "outdoing" last summer:

If you have a side you'd like to keep wild, we invite you to test drive the wild child of the Toyota family, the Toyota 4Runner, here at Beechmont Toyota.

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